Walmart Audit 2021

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Our commitment to our customers is permanent, so we want to tell you that on November 3rd we had the "Integral Pest Audit - Walmart 2021", which aims to ensure that the products we sell are stored and distributed under an adequate system that prevents contamination by pests, a condition that allows us to maintain their integrity and deliver a quality product to the customer.

In this process, Walmart audited our integrated pest management in the following aspects:

  • Airtight infrastructure, to ensure that no vectors enter the plant.
  • Control of food consumption and product spillage, so as not to attract mosquitoes and rodents. mosquitoes and rodents.
  • Staff training on pests, to ensure that all staff are able to identify signs of pests and immediately notify pest signs and immediately notify Quality to take appropriate action. action.
  • Order and cleanliness of areas, to facilitate inspection in areas where vectors may nest. where vectors may nest.

Thank you for your daily commitment to making Prosud a company of excellence and we look forward to your continued support in building a Prosud committed to Quality and Service.