Guerrilla 2021 Thank you team!

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"After travelling thousands of kilometres for 2 months and having more than 12 meetings, we finally finished this long-awaited Guerrilla 2021.

It was a tremendous challenge to meet the capacity and coordinate all the teams, with their distances and mobility passes, so that we could have our 8-hour meetings and talk about what we have experienced and what is coming up in the future.

The feeling we have when we look back on all that we have experienced is mainly one of THANKSGIVING. We have a tremendous team, very committed and committed. Throughout the pandemic they have shown how much they love PROSUD and how "hard-working" they are on a daily basis.

We had very strong testimonies of the pain and anguish experienced during these months, and also of the gratitude that everyone has for the support of their bosses and the company in general. The tremendous work of marketing and human resources to keep us all informed and connected served to some extent to alleviate the physical distance and the longing for the meetings and hugs that we love so much. Whatsapp, email, and teams became our channels of communication and coordination, and we made the most of them to keep functioning.

It has been a difficult and challenging time, the uncertainty of what is to come is still present, but what is clear is that we have a tremendous team and that together we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

A hug to all of you and thank you very much.
Rafael Undurraga
Commercial Manager