In Prosud we understand that being a company with high quality standards must go beyond speech and good intentions.

That is why we live and put into practice our commitment to quality on a daily basis thanks to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Certification of Storage and Distribution of our products. Recognized international regulation that gives Prosud a seal that facilitates the standardization of quality, safety and compliance with legal obligations, in order to contribute to the satisfaction of our customers and consumers.

Therefore, this control system allows us to identify any danger or threat against food safety, in order to guarantee the placing, on the national market, of quality products.

Regular meetings to improve the different processes.

Foods that comply with the law: nutritional table, texts on the packaging and compliance with health regulations.

Foods that in addition to being safe, present acceptable qualities for consumers such as smell, texture and presentation.

A safe food is one that does not cause harm when prepared or eaten.