Prosud Experience

Our 20 years of experience and track record make us the perfect strategic partner for the companies and brands we represent, taking their products to the next level.

We believe in building long term commercial relationships, so we base our attention on a service of excellence supported by unyielding pillars such as transparency, trust and proximity, which make possible the development of brands and high level implementations at the point of sale.

Prosud brands

We create and enhance the value of our brands at all stages to generate value in line with market trends.

We define your marketing plan and take care of the marketing, distribution and replacement.

Own brands

We search, develop and manage the Private Label of our customers, especially supermarkets, deploying projects together and advising them on technical aspects of import, distribution and replacement, being part of the growth and development of our customers.


We are the strategic partner for brands seeking a presence in the Chilean market. We develop the value proposition and build together the marketing and commercial plan to ensure the growth of the brands in the national market.


We are a strategic ally for those companies that are looking for a marketing, distribution and point of sale management service for their products. We have wide national coverage in the modern channel and regional customers from Arica to Chiloe.  

Point of Sale Management

We offer a comprehensive point-of-sale management service in the modern channel for the products and brands we represent. We have a trained team of Supervisors and Merchandisers, as well as technology that allows us to monitor efficiency at the point of sale.

We're experts at what we do. The success and the relationships of trust that we build with the companies we work with, guarantee a service where exclusivity, technology and a committed team in every way, drive the growth of our partners.


We are present from Arica to Punta Arenas through large supermarket chains, distributors, wholesalers and convenience stores.

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Large Chain Rooms
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Regional Client Rooms


We have a modern and large Distribution Center of 20,000 m², through which we offer an efficient, flexible and dynamic distribution, which allows us to optimally manage the increasingly specialized demand of our customers and suppliers, thus improving service levels while reducing costs throughout the chain.

How do we work?

Our team works every day to achieve the highest availability of products at the point of sale, delivering a quality service seeking continuous improvement in all processes that we handle as: reception, storage, labeling and dispatch.