Our brands

Since our beginnings and faithful to our mission to improve the quality of life of people, we have great brands that have been a guarantee of excellence and flavor. We invite you to learn about the brands that are part of Prosud and its wide range of products.

Natura quality, healthy and natural. Leader in the Wonder Oil segment.

Let yourself be surprised by today's coffee, Café Cruzeiro.

Respect and passion for the real ingredients Leader in the Spreadable Paste category.

Irresistibly creamy chocolate that melts slowly, caressing your senses.

Bon Bon Bum has 40 years of international presence, and in Chile it is the leader in the gum-sucker segment.

Organic fruit turned into juice and puree to deliver food in its purest state.

Line of quality oil, pasta and preserves to create the best preparations in your daily life.

More than 80 years of history being one of the most relevant references for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Latin America.

World's leading manufacturer of high performance alkaline, specialty and rechargeable batteries.

It offers a great experience through the quality of its natural ingredients and unique blends.

100% natural and balanced mineral water, containing all the purity of southern Chile.

Household cleaning products and detergents of excellent quality and within reach of the pocket.

Innovation in the kitchen with entertaining, innovative and practical implements.

Brickell Candy logo

Products of various licenses containing toys and surprises accompanied by sugar-free candies.

Vegetable oil ideal for surprising with exquisite meals and salads.

Vegetable oil line to carry out all your ideas in the kitchen.

100% versatile oil for all the preparations you want to make.

Mayonnaise that can perfectly complement a multitude of dishes.