CPFR: A collaborative process that focuses on the consumer

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Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment is the Spanish name of the acronym CPFR, an area that was created with the aim of maintaining an optimal inventory level in each participating party and has been implemented in our company since its inception.

Created in 1995 as a result of an alliance between Walmart and the pharmaceutical company Werner-Lambert in the United States, the CPFR consists of a collaborative model focused on strategic and tactical supply chain alignment. From an integrated vision focused on the end customer, the necessary adjustments are made to optimise the flow of both products and information between the agents that make up the alliance.

What are the benefits for Prosud of having a CPFR team?

  • Improved accuracy of customer sales forecasts.
  • Reduction of inventory levels, both for Prosud and customers.
  • Reduction of storage costs and optimisation of warehouse occupancy.
  • Increased profitability due to lower costs.
  • Decrease in lost sales.
  • Efficiency in the launch of promotions and seasonal planning, increasing sales.
  • Improved level of customer service and communication.
  • Reduction of freight costs generated by emergencies.
  • Simplification of purchasing and order management.
  • Continuous exchange of information between Prosud and our customers.