Point of Sale Management, an essential team for Prosud

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The team, led by Scarlette Ibarra, is formed by Javiera Pizarro, Diego Quiroga and Estefanía Flores.

In Prosud all employees are essential, so today we want to know a little more about the Point of Sale Management area, belonging to the Marketing Management. This area seeks to be the link between Prosud and the different points of sale throughout the country, allowing our brands and products to be always available to consumers.

Scarlette, who has been with Prosud for more than 4 years, has formed a key area, allowing supermarkets and other outlets to always be well stocked, merchandisers to have the necessary materials and consumers to find the products they are looking for.

The team is also composed of Javiera Pizarro, Diego Quiroga and Estefanía Flores, who divide the work by brand, allowing each of them to be in constant analysis and growth.

Javiera is the Key Account Manager for commercial alliances and works directly with Cleaner, Duracell, Cepas and Brickell. She has been with Point of Sale Management (POS) since April, following an internal change from Finance Management. In her own words, "It has been an enriching experience, with a lot of work, but also a lot of satisfaction. The GPV team is an area that is just being formed, so we have had space to create and standardize several processes."

Diego Quiroga, Senior Analyst, has been with the company for two years and leads the Blanik, Libero and Puyehue brands. He also supports Javiera with her indicators. Reporting, analysis of results and close contact with her brands are part of her daily and essential tasks.

Diego highlights the importance of collaboration between the different areas of Prosud, also noting that "there is a tremendous team in Point of Sale Management, where constant support is key to a good working environment. "

Finally, Estefania Flores is the newest member. She is a Point of Sale Analyst and is in charge of the Natura, Cruzeiro, Perfect Choice, Don Giuseppe, Thurson, Colombina, Lindt and Ama brands. Part of her role is to oversee the objectives of each brand, its guidelines and support the commercial area on a day-to-day basis.

For Estefania, the good working environment at Prosud is essential, as she says that since it is her first job "there is a lot of feedback, a very healthy, safe and positive environment".

We thank the team for their work and performance, because without their perseverance in their daily work it would not be possible for Prosud to continue to stand out in all points of sale in the country.