Trademark Contest and its Successful Closing in Valdivia

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From March 17 to 19 will be took place the closing of Prosud's last branding contest of Prosudthe south of Chile was thewas the chosen destination. Celebrating the awarding of the of the 2022 version, 80 employees were able towere able to enjoy an unforgettable an unforgettable experience, marked by diverse and entertaining activities in the city of Valdivia. activities in the city of Valdivia.

The winning winner was composed of the employees with the best performance in the different areas outstanding in their respective functions, all led by Pablo Ruíz-Tagle (General Manager), and the rest of the Managersin one of the most valued and expected dynamics and expected and expected dynamics of the company.

The this year's prize consisted of an all-inclusive weekend all-inclusive at Valdivia, with various recreational activities and a stay at the activities and a stay at the Dreams Hotel in the city, which included, among otherother pastimes, wonderful wonderful landscapes, the visit to Niebla, tour to the Oncol Park and Pilolcura, y where they could also deleto enjoy Chilean cuisine Chilean cuisine of the area.. Unce again ehis day after work day became the moment ideal to generate and strengthen the bonds of the Prosud Family.

This was one of the instances for the Commercial Management, allowing to stimulate sales, reinforce the links between the ties, and also to highlight the work of our team. and also to highlight the work of our team. Due to the the consequences of the pandemicpandemic Covid-19 pandemic, for a couple of years it was not possible to carry out could not take place, so so that the reunion in at thison this occasion was even more special and the the perfect perfect impulse to motivate us for all that awaits us in 2023.

We thank all those who participated participated the Trademark Contest and we congratulate once again those who were selected as winners.. We look forward to look forward to the next opportunity to share and celebrate together our achievements as a team. as a team.