Perfect Choice, Cruzeiro Coffee and Natura Oil certified Gluten Free

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In Prosud we continue to be concerned about the quality of food, transparency of information and of course, the welfare of all Chileans.

For this reason, our brands Perfect Choice, Aceite Natura and Café Cruzeiro have once again been certified Gluten Free by the Convivir Foundation, a leading institution in Chile, which is responsible for informing consumers with coeliac disease how to follow a gluten-free diet. This is an increasingly important trend for those who also wish to eat a healthier diet.

The products on this list are as follows:

Artichoke Bruschetta 280g
Green Asparagus Bruschetta 280g
Piquillo Pepper Bruschetta 280g
Artichoke & Quinoa Bruschetta 280g
Heart of Palm, Asparagus & Almond Bruschetta 290g
Tomato Bruschetta 290g
Asparagus & Cheese Dip 225g
Artichoke Dip Spinach & Cheese 220g
Artichoke Pesto 140g
Basil Pesto 140g
Pesto Piquillo & Almonds 140g
Artichoke Hearts 280g
Artichoke bottoms 410g
White Asparagus 330g
Green Asparagus 330g
Bell Pepper 340g
Piquillo Pepper 290g
Piquillo Pepper Jam 160g
Purple Onion Jam 160g
Rocoto Jam 160g
Carrot Quinoa, Pepper and Onion 350g
Natural White Quinoa 350g
Pepper Hummus 220g
Artichoke Hummus 220g
Traditional Hummus 220g


We invite you to share it and download the Convivir App to check from your cell phone the list of foods that are gluten free certified.