Launch of our new brand DAY BY DAY!

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Prosud continues to grow and a new brand joins the Distribution business line. " Day by Day", is manufactured by Proalsa, a company with many years of experience in the market, as well as in the development of own brands for large retail chains and other private labels.

Day by Day is born from our homes, from the moments shared with our families. We are part of the daily love that we give and receive in each product that will accompany us throughout the day, in each moment, in the Day by Day.

The target are middle class parents (adults/teenagers) who are looking for new and rich products with the 3B's (good, known and appetizing), basic products that should be present in all our homes, at affordable prices.

There will be 4 categories:

Puffed cereals, puffed cereals and cereal bars


Soups and Creams


We hope to be well received by our customers and to be with them from today, Day by Day.